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for the best reliable digital storage anywhere.
Who we are

CoreMicro is a leading flash memory company that creates top quality consumer products at the most competitive prices in the technology industry. As part of its Digital Division, CoreMicro produces flash memory cards and USB flash drives for the photographic, computer, cellular and consumer electronic marketplaces.


what we do

Whether it’s data, pictures, videos or music, CoreMicro offers reliable digital storage at competitive prices. Cost-effective, high-quality, digital memory. CoreMicro memory cards are available for sale under the CoreMicro label or can be manufactured for clients using the client’s brand label. This full-service offering can include packaging design, point of purchase displays, promotional programs, fulfillment, warehousing, merchandising and shipping


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why we do it well


Core Micro SD cards

CoreMicro combines quality innovative products at competitive prices with free technical support, media recovery software, lifetime warranty, full compatibility guarantees, timely delivery and hassle-free returns. This combination of performance and service leads to satisfied customers and repeat business. Contact CoreMicro for more information>>
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