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FAQ's Mega what? Gigga who?
Mega geek
Core Micro Support
Is all this techno jargon confusing you? Do you feel overwhelmed when those fast talking' sales reps ramble on about mega this and gigga that?

This communication barrier has prompted us to develop a knowledge base with a list of frequently asked questions about our products and technology in general. Feel free to explore some of the most common and interesting questions.

If your questions are not answered with our current knowledge base,
just send us and email with your question
My USB flash drive is showing a write protection message that I cannot bypass, how do I resolve this?
Are the any special handling instructions I need to follow when I use my flash memory card?

Some of my pictures come out corrupted or missing. Is something wrong with my card?

When I insert my SD card into the card reader I get a message that says “The disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk"
How do format my SD or microSD card?
I have an xxSDHC card but it does not work with my card reader?
I purchased an xxGB SDHC card and it does not work in my device?
I just purchased a new SD/SDHC or microSD card. How do I transfer files onto the card?
I purchased a microSD card but I do not see it in the package it came in?
How do I install my microSD card in my device?
I noticed that there is a circle on the label of my SDHC card with the number 6 in the middle. What does that mean?
Will your USB drives work with Windows 98SE?
Is it possible to retrieve lost data from the card?
Does your USB flash drive offer password protection?
How do I change my password on my USB password protected drive?
I have changed my password, yet I still see a pop up window asking me to change the password when I plug in the USB drive?
I am currently using a Mac or Linux operating system on my computer. Will your USB protected drives work with my computer?

I currently have a Mac computer and after plugging in the USB drive, nothing happened. What should I do?

I purchased the password protected USB drives but my computer does not read the full capacity. How do I correct this problem?

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