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Facts about Hearing Loss

CoreMicro’s PlaySafe products make fun activities safer through technology

PlaySafe is CoreMicro’s newest division, and is devoted exclusively to kid-friendly technologies that make play safer. A portion of proceeds from the sale of each PlaySafe product will trigger a donation to a related, non-political, family-friendly cause.

The SafeVolume earbuds are the first in an exciting new lineup of kid-friendly PlaySafe products being launched nationwide by CoreMicro. CoreMicro’s SafeVolume earbuds feature the ingenious patent-pending iHearSafe™ technology to cap sound levels at 85 decibels and protect children’s hearing when they listen to music and play with hand-held games. The earbud and the technology behind it are the winners of a 2008 iParenting Media Award.

CoreMicro’s SafeVolume earbuds are being launch is the bridge between Speech and Hearing Awareness Month (May) in Canada and the start of summer when kids generally have more time to listen to their mp3 players.

“Keeping our children safe is our top priority,” says CoreMicro president David Eby. “Instead of telling them to turn down the volume, parents can give their kids a pair of SafeVolume earbuds and help them protect their hearing for life.”

Causes supported through the sale of CoreMicro’s earbuds for 2008 will include Meagan’s Walk, a volunteer organization raising funds for paediatric brain tumour research at SickKids and various Canadian charities dedicated to better hearing and/or hearing protection.

PlaySafe products in development will, like the SafeVolume earbuds, use innovative technology to make interesting fun activities safer for children and the whole family.
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Copyright © CoreMicro Technology.