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Facts about Hearing Loss


CoreMicro SafeVolume earbuds have been designed to keep the volume at a safe level to prevent noise induced hearing loss. They can be used on any audio device. The patented technology Earbuds take the guess work out of determining how loud is too loud. Never worry about how loud or long you can listen to your music, regardless of how high the volume is turned up on the audio device.

CoreMicro SafeVolume earbuds prevents the sound from exceeding what the researchers have determined is a safe volume.
  Patented Safe Volume Ear buds
  Meets NIOSH, ASHA, OSHA Safety Limits
  Life Time Warranty
  Light weight and suitable for all ages
  Board Certified by Audiologist
First and best product of its kind using unique patent pending
technology to protect hearing
Look like any standard pair of earbuds -- but limits noise going into the
ear to 85 decibels
  Audiologists tested
Lets user hear traffic and other important noises that could
otherwise pose a risk
  Patented Volume Restrictors
  20 – 20,000 Hz
  32 ohm
  15 mm Driver
  80 dB SPL
  Best way to protect your hearing – and your children’s hearing -- from the effects of loud music and noise
  Keeps music at a safe level, capping it at 85 decibels, no matter how high the music player is turned
  Sound quality is in no way diminished by wearing the earbuds or headphones
  Unlike software, the iHearSafe™ volume-controlling technology in CoreMicro’s SafeVolume earbuds can’t be removed or circumvented
  Can be used with all types of personal music players, DVD players, hand-held games, and even cell phones
  Wearing SafeVolume earbuds and headphones in the workplace ensures workers are in compliance with government noise guidelines
  The earbud and the technology behind it are the winners of many awards and accolades, including a 2008 iParenting Media Award

An MP3 player turned up to maximum volume can reach 120 decibels. Sounds under 85 decibels are generally considered safe. A person can listen to sound at 85 decibels for approximately 8 hours before it causes hearing damage, according to NIOSH and CDC. For every 3 dBs over 85dB, the permissible exposure time before possible damage can occur is cut in half .Accepted standards for recommended permissible exposure time for continuous time weighted average noise, according to NIOSH and CDC, 2002. For every 3 dBs over 85dB, the permissible exposure time before possible damage can occur is cut in half.
iHearSafe(tm) is a trademark of Ingemi Corp and the iHearSafe(tm) patent pending technology is owned by Ingemi Corp., New Hampshire, USA
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